Of Carrots and Beetroot

  • Some fun facts…

Jo Atherton hold the record for the longest carrot and the longest beetroot in the world. Root vegetables can grow long, but just about how much ? Well 6.245 meters for the carrot and 7,956 meters for the beetroot !

In some part of the world beetroot is called red carrot.

There are more then 500 varieties of carrots.

Carrots seeds are so tiny you can hold more than 1000 seeds in a tea spoon.

Carrot and Beetroot are rich in vitamines and packed with minerals. How many ? Each contain 10 vitamins and 11 minerals.

The beetroot juice turns brown in the saponification process.


We add pure organic juice in our soaps,

enjoy the very mild Carrot and Beetroot soap.



Practical. No Fuss, No waste. No Mess. You’ve got this.

Soap comes in handy. It’s solid. No spillage. It dries up when you are done. No weird encounter with a strange soap in a hotel bathroom, your favourite friend accompanies you everywhere around the world. Take your soap with your and enjoy your everyday skin. Feel good. Anywhere. Whether you leave or you stay, no problem. You’ve got this…



“Bien dans sa peau” 

Witch Hazel

Hamamelis is extensively used throughout the world for minor skin ailments, the name remains more or less the same, the properties too. Hamamelis is an astringent : it tones and firms the skin by constricting the pores, thus reducing irritations.

Why is Hamamelis nicknamed Witch Hazel in English out of all names ? Well, etymology informs us : the witch word comes from an old English name : Wice, that meant bendable or pliable. The witch in the witch hazel is not a witch after all !

Witch hazel is combined with ylang ylang and lavender essentiel oils in Witch Hunt.

Fear not ! Buy the Witch hunt soap and enjoy this delicate scent !

Avocado oil

Avocado Oil is the oil of choice for mature skin. This thick oil helps regenerate skin, thus it helps combat wrinkles. There is chlorophylle in avocado oil, this is why it has this deep green colour. Oils in soap mainly work as moisturizers, preventing the skin to become too dry when in contact with hot water.
Pure cold pressed Avocado oil is said to reduce :
Why ? The oil still retains vitamins, is slightly anti inflammatory and antioxydant.
You can use it as a mask for a few minutes and rince it of with warm water : verify for yourself the effect of this great oil.
What does it taste like ? Avocado oil has a slightly nutty flavour, it could become a great staple for your favourite salads.

Chana soap : the good stuff and nothing else

At Chana Soap we are dedicated to producing 100 % Natural soap. We only use vegetable ingredients in our soap because we believe in a cruelty free world.

Because life is better without flares most of our soaps are perfume free. We do have a few soaps with a small amount of essential oils, just enough to benefit from Nature.

The Palm free dilemma is a real thing when it comes to soap making as it is one of the best oils to make soap with. We have taken the decision to make just the one soap with Red Palm oil. 

The Oils.

All our soaps contain 8 oils. They each add unique properties to our soap base.

Olive oil

Avocado Oil

Coconut Oil

Hemp Oil

Rapeseed Oil

Shea butter

Sun flower oil

Jojoba Oil.

To this base extra ingredients are added to create a  unique staple to your beauty ritual.